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Council flushes cost-cutting move down the drain: Ballymena gets new public toilets... sort of

Wellington Street Toilets in Ballymena

In a move aimed at addressing the needs of its residents and visitors, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council has confirmed plans to partially restore public toilet facilities in Ballymena town centre.

The announcement comes after the closure of the last remaining council-owned conveniences last year, which sparked public outcry and raised concerns about the lack of accessible facilities in the heart of the town centre.

The council's decision to close the Wellington Court toilets was part of a cost-cutting effort during the rate setting process for 2023/24, with the closure expected to yield savings of around £50,000 per year. However, the move was met with criticism from a number of residents, visitors, and businesses, who argued that it was ill-thought out and failed to consider the needs of vulnerable individuals.

It appears, with this in mind, the council has revealed plans to open two "multi-use disabled toilets" at the same location. These facilities will be accessible to the general public and will be located separately from the main public walkway.

Councillor Timothy Gaston welcomed the news, and said:

"The new toilets at Wellington Street will comprise of two multi-use disabled toilets for use by the public, current proposals show these will be accessed separately from the main public walkway."

The council is currently developing proposal drawings for the new facilities, and further information is expected to be made available in due course. If all goes according to plan, an application will be submitted to the Planning Department for approval in August/September, with the facilities expected to be opened by early 2025.

The decision to restore public toilet facilities in Ballymena town centre will come as relief for some, and a step in the right direction towards ensuring that the town is accessible and accommodating to all.


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