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Local charity urges public not to drink and drive over July bank holiday weekend

Updated: Jul 11

ASCERT's Chief Executive, Gary McMichael

ASCERT's Chief Executive, Gary McMichael

As Northern Ireland prepares for the bank holiday celebrations, ASCERT, a leading charity committed to addressing drug and alcohol-related issues, is urging people to prioritise safety and avoid drunk driving.

The charity's campaign, "Should I Drive?" states the importance of being mindful of alcohol consumption and its impact on driving capabilities.

The Health Survey (NI) 2020/2021 by the Department of Health noted over three-quarters of adults consumed alcohol, with 34% of 18 – 34-year-olds drinking 1 – 2 times per week.

According to recent data from the Department for Infrastructure, there were 296 fatalities or serious injuries from 2018 to 2022 due to crashes primarily caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. Male drivers were responsible for 80% of these alcohol-related collisions, with individuals aged 17 to 49 making up 82% of the serious or fatal drink-driving cases.

ASCERT's "Should I Drive?" campaign targets young individuals, urging them to reflect on their relationship with alcohol and recognise the dangers of driving under the influence.

Key Facts About Drink and Drug Driving:

1. Young people (16-24) are most likely to be killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions.

2. Alcohol and drug use are the second highest cause of road deaths among young people.

3. Drivers aged 16-24 are more likely than other age groups to cause fatal or serious injuries in collisions.

4. Young people are more likely to use drugs than other adults.

ASCERT's Chief Executive, Gary McMichael, wants young community members to enjoy the bank holiday weekend responsibly:

"For those of legal drinking age, we encourage you to drink responsibly. Please plan ahead and arrange a safe lift home. Our vision is to have a society protected from the harm resulting from drug and alcohol use. The only safe approach is to never, ever drink and drive."

If you would like ASCERT to deliver a drink and drug driving awareness session to the young people you work with: Drink and Drug Driving | ASCERT


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