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Extension plans for three medical centres in Mid & East Antrim

White medical centre building

Planning applications have been submitted to Mid and East Antrim Borough Council for new extensions at three medical centres.

GP practices in Whitehead, Greenisland and Larne look set to benefit from development plans to increase accommodation, if approved.

A proposal has been lodged for the construction of two single-storey extensions at Meadowbridge Surgery, Slaughterford Road, in Whitehead, to provide additional consulting rooms, meeting room and toilet facilities.

Circled area show extension proposals to the rear of Meadowbridge Surgery.

Circled area show extension proposals to the rear of Meadowbridge Surgery.

Meadowbridge Surgery has 9,159 registered patients and covers Whitehead, Ballycarry, Islandmagee and a section of Carrickfergus.

A report to council planners says:

“The proposed development will bring essential additional floor space to the Meadowbridge Surgery. The design and layout have been thoughtfully designed to blend with the existing building and make use of all the existing site facilities.

“The extension will be of high-quality construction with a long-life cycle allowing the healthcare facility to continue working efficiently well into the future.”

The existing access to the surgery at Slaughterford Road will be retained. There are 55 spaces in the car park which is described as “under-used” and will not be altered.

Proposals for a extension at the Old School Surgery.

Proposals for a extension at the Old School Surgery.

A proposal has also been put forward for an extension to the Old School Surgery at Station Road, Greenisland. The application has been made by the GP partners.

DfI Roads has said that it has no objection to the proposal.

Commenting on the proposals, the Department of Health said:

“A business case is currently being progressed for Meadowbridge Surgery, Whitehead and Old School Surgery, Greenisland, to assess the options for MDT (multi-disciplinary team) accommodation improvements to increase capacity for GP services and to identify the costs associated with the preferred option.

“Timescales for the development and costs are subject to the completion of the procurement exercise and business case approval and therefore are not available at this time.”

Last month, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council received a planning application for extensions at Moyle Medical Centre, at Old Glenarm Road, Larne, which accommodates Corran, Victoria and Inver Surgeries.

The application was submitted by the GP partners.


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