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VIDEO | Rescue operation launched after sheepdog falls over cliff in Ballycastle

All photos/video: HM Coastguard & NIFRS.

A large multiagency rescue operation was launched on Thursday evening (30 June) after a farmer’s sheepdog had fallen over at cliff in the area of Kinbane Head, Ballycastle.

The dog had been following a lamb which had crept through a hole in a fence and fallen.

Ballycastle and Coleraine Coastguard rope rescue teams were tasked to the scene, as well as colleagues from Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS), and Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) with their specialist SRT and HART rescue teams.

A spokesperson from the Coleraine Coastguard team commented:

“A NIFRS drone was particularly useful as it was able to track the dog as it moved through undergrowth at the base of the cliff.

“After a very challenging rescue in dense undergrowth, the animal was recovered safe and well by Coastguard rescue technicians.

“Sadly the lamb did not survive the fall but the dog was alive, apparently uninjured.”

If your dog falls over a cliff, do not attempt to rescue yourself. Dial 999 COASTGUARD.


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