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TV | ‘The Search’ following the CRS in the work across Northern Ireland

The Search returns to BBC One Northern Ireland with a one-hour Covid-19 special on Monday 7 June at 10.45pm.

The programme follows the Community Rescue Service volunteers during the Covid pandemic as they drop everything to help find high risk missing people in difficult conditions.

When a person goes missing, often the first port of call for the police is the Community Rescue Service who are experts in search and rescue.

Using body cams, first hand interviews and footage from searches, the observational documentary explores the search for Northern Ireland’s missing people through the eyes of the Community Rescue Service – Search And Rescue Technicians (SARTEC) - and the loved ones of those affected.

This is the powerful story of the brave and selfless volunteers who left their homes and families during the lockdown and put their own safety at risk to locate people. It explores their motivation as well as the challenges they have faced navigating their way around the pandemic restrictions which has impacted on the support network they have come to rely on.

The Search follows SARTEC as they respond to missing person alerts across Northern Ireland. It meets some of the families they help and reveals what drives them to give up their spare time to help strangers who are desperate to locate their loved ones. In this programme the team search land and waterways to return a loved one home to his family, a dementia patient who returns home safely and missing child, Noah Donohoe.

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