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UTV’s Mahon’s Way visits Downpatrick, Lecale and Killard over the next two episodes

Duane and Joe at Strangford.

Joe Mahon heads for Downpatrick and the surrounding area in the next two episodes of the popular UTV series “Mahon’s Way”.

On Monday night 23rd, the programme sees Joe travel from Downpatrick to the Mountains of Mourne to learn about the ancient high cross that was rescued and replaced with a replica so authentic-looking that no one would know the switch was made!

He visits McConnell’s stone works which was tasked with making this replica and learns from Alan McConnell how the latest scanning technology, along with carving methods that are centuries old, all came together to produce a new but very old looking cross.

Duane Fitzsimons and Joe Mahon at Slieve Patrick Statue.

Joe speaks to Mike King, Director of Down County Museum, the former gaol of the town, where the original 1,000 year old cross now stays.

Joe Mahon and Mike King play chess in a replica Ballykinlar Hut.

He also takes Joe to a fully restored Armstrong Hut which had many ‘cross community’ uses over the years and which is to house an exhibition outlining its rich history, including a link with a very famous American actor.

Joe and Mike King and the original Downpatrick High Cross

In the next episode which airs on Monday 30th, Joe is in the land of Lecale where he traces the journey of St Patrick’s mission to Ireland, and explores the fascinating and beautiful Killard Peninsula just beyond the mouth of Strangford Lough.

Joe and Alan McConnell in the Mournes.

Local historian Duane Fitzsimons shows Joe where St Patrick’s boat could have arrived in Lecale, deduced from the stories that have been handed down over the centuries. Duane also takes Joe to Saul Church where it is believed that St Patrick built his first church on the site of an old barn, with all subsequent churches being built on the exact outline of that original barn.

Finally, after a steep climb they arrive at the statue of St Patrick which was built in 1930s, and Joe learns why this particular Saint Patrick, has one boot and one sandal, and who his face and clothes were modelled on.

Joe and Verity Peet at Gurgle Gurgle.

Next Joe is off to meet Verity Peet who is quite the expert on the beautiful Killard peninsula landscape, having in the past been commissioned by National Geographic to research and write a guide to Peninsula.

Joe not only takes in the beauty of the place, admiring flora and fauna along the way, but also learns about its geography and geology, discovering from Verity how some pretty catastrophic events have shaped the landscape. He also gets a laugh when Verity takes him to a local spot called ‘gurgle gurgle’!

Mahon’s Way is produced by Westway Film Productions for UTV and is sponsored by ‘Mid & East Antrim – A Place Shaped by Sea & Stone.’

You can watch these episodes on Monday 23rd and Monday 30th August at 8pm on UTV and on catch up on:


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