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St Vincent de Paul reveals 43% increase in support to families

Mary Waide, the Regional President of the North Region of St Vincent de Paul

Mary Waide, the Regional President of the North Region of St Vincent de Paul

St Vincent de Paul (SVP) has announced assistance of over £5 million last year to families navigating the cost of living crisis, marking a 43% increase from the previous year's £3.5 million contribution to people living in poverty across Northern Ireland.


The charity disclosed the sobering figures today, on World Eradication of Poverty Day, an annual event focused on encouraging dialogue and understanding between individuals living in poverty and the wider society.


SVP attributes a surge in fuel support requests to the relentless rise in energy prices witnessed over the past year, which has had a profound impact on households throughout the region.


Despite these surges in demand, SVP remains resolute in its mission to provide vital assistance to those in need but the heightened demand for the charity's services due to the ongoing cost of living crisis is placing SVP under significant pressure.


The charity’s Regional President is urging MLAs to resume their crucial work in addressing the pressing financial needs within our society.


Mary Waide, the Regional President of the North Region of St Vincent de Paul, said: 

“It is only thanks to the generosity of our donors that St Vincent de Paul is able to continue to support those across the North Region who are facing impossible choices every day of whether to put food on the table or heat their homes.


“The assistance provided by dedicated SVP volunteers last year is staggering. They tirelessly work across all communities to support individuals, regardless of their background, who are battling poverty and social exclusion.


"We are worried about what the winter will bring this year especially as last year every household received a one-off payment of £600 and those on lower incomes received an additional £300. It’s getting more and more expensive for people to live every day.


“We need leadership, we need the Executive to make provision for people to survive as SVP is bridging a gap for families who are finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet. Charities should be complementing government assistance, not being the first port of call for those living in poverty.”


The escalating energy costs in Northern Ireland throughout 2023, influenced by the War in Ukraine, currency fluctuations, and supply and demand, continue to place immense pressure on households.


SVP is an international charity and the largest voluntary charity in Ireland. SVP is committed to promoting self-sufficiency and working diligently for social justice.


If you require assistance from SVP, please email and for further information about the charity or to become a member, please visit:


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