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Police issue advice ahead of Belsonic 2024

Police officers at Belsonic in Belfast

This Friday evening, 7th June sees the launch of popular music festival, Belsonic in Ormeau Park - kicking off with the Farmer's Bash 2024.


Chief Inspector Claire Hamilton said:

“Police have been working in partnership with the event organisers and various agencies in planning for Belsonic. We want to see everyone attending these shows to enjoy themselves while also obeying the law, acting responsibly and staying safe.


“We are asking those who plan to attend the shows to plan their journey to and from the concert in advance and to be respectful of local businesses and residents, particularly when leaving the concert.


“The concert organisers have applied for a series of road closure orders which will see Ormeau Embankment from Ravenhill Road to Ormeau Road closed between 16:00 hours until midnight.


“The road will remain closed for a period after the concert, and we would ask you to bear this in mind if you are arranging a safe collection location with friends or relatives.


“If you are planning on driving to the event, please park your vehicle legally and ensure that it is not causing an obstruction to road users, pedestrians or local residents.


“While I appreciate many of those attending will be taking photos and videos and using social media, please ensure your mobile phone is fully charged, or you have a portable charger – especially if you need to contact friends or those collecting you at the end of the night.”


Chief Inspector Hamilton also reminded concert goers that for the second year running, all bar and security staff at the Belsonic events are trained in the ‘Ask for Angela’ safeguarding initiative.


“Everybody should be able to attend events this summer and feel safe. Unfortunately we know that that is not always the case due to a small minority of those who target vulnerable people with predatory behaviours.


“Now, if someone does feel unsafe they can ask for ‘Angela’ and the security and bar staff around them will be equipped with the training to intervene.


“They can then help reunite them with a person they trust, make sure they get into a taxi safely, call security to remove who is causing distress, or contact police.


“Our officers will be supporting this safety initiative with increased patrols in and around the event. We remain committed through our Tackling Violence against Women and Girls Action Plan to do all we can to safeguard the vulnerable and target perpetrators, and that is what we intend to do this summer and beyond.”



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