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Police encourage people of NI to enjoy a ‘Safer Summer Together’

Superintendent Gerry McGrath is pictured with Constables from the Bangor Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Superintendent Gerry McGrath is pictured with Constables from the Bangor Neighbourhood Policing Team.

THE Police Service of Northern Ireland has launched its Safer Summer Together campaign, encouraging members of the public to have an enjoyable summer whilst being mindful of safety issues to watch out for.

Superintendent Gerry McGrath is leading the operational activity and said:

“Summer is a time for people to get out and about and enjoy time with friends and family. We want everyone to have a great time and part of that involves ensuring they do not become a victim of crime.

“This year, our summer guidance and advice covers a range of issues such as driving safely on our roads, scams, online safety, home security and getting home safe after nights out. We will also pay particular attention to anti-social behaviour which we know can cause serious issues for the public.

“We would ask everyone to be mindful and respectful of those around them taking into consideration how their behaviour may affect or cause distress to others.  Those who are the victim of anti-social behaviour should not hesitate in reporting it.

“All members of the public should be able to enjoy our shared public spaces and we will be on patrol in all major tourist areas and beauty spots around Northern Ireland to ensure everyone’s safety. We are also encouraging young people to stay safe, particularly on nights out.

“Ensuring the security of your property is also a vital consideration over the summer as many people look forward to a long weekend break or holiday abroad. It only takes a thief a few minutes to enter your home and take valuables so we encourage everyone to ensure the safekeeping of their house, shed and any other outbuildings.”

“I would encourage people to keep an eye on the Police Service of Northern Ireland social media channels over July and August where there will be a wide range of advice and guidance, ensuring that we can all have a Safer Summer Together,” added Superintendent McGrath.

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