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Person arrested and drugs seized after poor driving in Ballymena

Police in Ballymena made an arrest over the weekend after a member of the public reported a vehicle which had been seen 'driving poorly' in the area.

The driver was subsequently located and apprehended for a number of driving and drug offences.

A police spokesperson stated:

"Throughout the weekend Ballymena Local Policing Team were proactively carrying out breath testing on drivers at authorised vehicle checkpoints.

"The reason we do these is to deter and detect anyone who would ever get behind the wheel under the influence. Unfortunately several motorists came through the doors of custody for drink/drug driving offences.

"Thanks to a report from a member of the public, we were able to locate and stop a vehicle which had been seen driving poorly.

"A significant quantity of cannabis was found in the vehicle and the driver arrested for a number of driving and drug offences."

The spokesperson added:

"Remember that if something doesn't seem right or looks out of place, contact ourselves on 101 or 999 in an emergency."


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