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Patients warned of “significant disruption” to planned services as junior doctors strike

Entrance to Antrim Area Hospital

Patients are advised that there will be significant disruption to hospital services on Wednesday March 6 due to industrial action by junior doctors.

The focus of the Health and Social Care system will be on maintaining safe services for acutely unwell patients.

Due to the requirement for senior medical staff to cover roles normally carried out by junior doctors over this period, there will be substantial disruption to planned hospital activity both on the strike day itself, and subsequently as services recover from the strike day.

Most scheduled activity - planned operations and outpatient clinics - across all five Trusts will not take place March 6 in order to free up the senior medical workforce.

Surgical operating lists will therefore largely be confined to emergency surgery.

Patients and other service users are advised to check HSC Trust websites for further information next week.


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