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Mulholland calls for immediate action to combat rising child poverty rates in North Antrim

Sian Mulholland MLA

Sian Mulholland MLA


North Antrim MLA Sian Mulholland MLA has called for immediate action to combat rising child poverty rates across the constituency.

Speaking during a debate on Child Poverty in the Assembly Chamber on Monday 15th April, North Antrim MLA Sian Mulholland, highlighted the urgent need for decisive action to address the alarming rise in child poverty rates across Northern Ireland.

With statistics revealing a stark reality, Mulholland called upon the Minister for Communities to prioritise the well-being of vulnerable children and families.


Emphasising the devastating impact of poverty on children, particularly those growing up in households experiencing economic hardship, Mulholland has stressed the need for immediate intervention to reverse this concerning trend.


"The statistics are staggering and cannot be ignored. We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that over 100,000 children in Northern Ireland are living in poverty,” the North Antrim MLA said.

“With figures showing over 6,000 children in Mid and East Antrim and 7,500 in Causeway Coast and Glens are living in poverty shows just how prevalent the experience of poverty is amongst our communities.

“Behind each statistic lies a child whose potential is stifled by the chains of poverty. We must address poverty holistically, considering the multifaceted factors that contribute to it. By adopting a broader anti-poverty strategy, we can provide support to entire families and break the cycle of poverty more effectively."


Drawing attention to the inadequacy of current measures, Sian Mulholland called for a comprehensive, cross-departmental approach to tackling poverty. Recognising the interconnected nature of poverty, she emphasised the importance of addressing issues such as unemployment, housing affordability, healthcare access, and education – all particularly acute issues when also viewed with a rural lens of reference.


Furthermore, she highlighted the imminent threat posed by the Benefit Cap Mitigations Cliff Edge, calling for immediate action to avert its impact on vulnerable families.

"As we look to budgets for the rest of this mandate, we must act immediately to extend the current mitigation regulations and prevent the looming cliff edge," urged Sian Mulholland.


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