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Liam Neeson backs new online self-help resource for Northern Ireland

Hollywood star Liam neeson

A Hollywood star has thrown his support behind a new online self-help resource launched to transform the landscape of mental health and wellbeing support in Northern Ireland.

In a short video, Ballymena-born Liam Neeson encourages those in Northern Ireland who need support with any aspect of their wellbeing – whether that be physical or mental – to take that first step by visiting connects individuals with the right

support at the right time. The free online platform connects people with local community organisations and services, whilst providing tools and inspiring content to help manage their own wellbeing.

At a time when waiting lists for services are so challenging, this vital service helps to ensure access to support within the community.

The website serves as a holistic support system for individuals facing a wide range of challenges, including abuse, addiction, bereavement, eating disorders, financial concerns, neurodiversity, parenting, and more.

With more people than ever looking for help and support from home through their digital devices, Find Help NI helps to bridge the gap between a place of comfort and seeking to find the help they need.

Founder of Find Help NI Cara Swanston (right) with Professor Siobhán O'Neill, Mental Health Champion for Northern Ireland (left).

Founder of Find Help NI Cara Swanston (right) with Professor Siobhán O'Neill, Mental Health Champion for Northern Ireland (left).

At the heart of Find Help NI, is the vision of founders Cara Swanston and Pamela Kirkpatrick.

Pamela Kirkpatrick, an experienced therapist within the community and voluntary sector, together with Cara, witnessed the overwhelming demand for accessible mental health and wellbeing resources following the pandemic. She said:

"The pandemic highlighted the urgency for digital resources that can genuinely help people.

“Whilst Find Help NI does signpost and connect users with support charities and organisations in the community, it goes far beyond being a directory; it is a comprehensive self-help resource designed to empower individuals to take proactive steps toward wellbeing before their troubles become overwhelming.”

Cara, another experienced counsellor, realised through her work in the community that many clients were seeking the support of a counsellor, or a statutory service provider, because they didn't know where else to turn. When in many cases their needs might have been better met by getting community support.

Cara said:

"Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles and they certainly don’t have to face them alone.

“Find Help NI was established to serve as a beacon of hope enabling users to take those first steps towards getting professional help or helping themselves, and improving both mental and physical wellbeing.

“Having Liam Neeson support our campaign in encouraging people to get the help they need, or indeed in supporting loved ones to seek the help they need, has been phenomenal.

"Liam Neeson has always been very open about his own bereavement and we couldn’t think

of a better person to remind people we all have struggles, but that we’re not alone.” has also been welcomed by Professor Siobhán O'Neill, the Mental Health Champion for Northern Ireland. She commented:

“It’s really important that people who need support with their mental health can find that support quickly and easily.

“Find Help NI is a great resource for people in Northern Ireland who are at any stages of their mental health journey, from early intervention to recovery.

“It provides helpful information about where to go for help and information about the mental health resources available to people here, in a clear, user-friendly way.”

The platform also serves as a hub for professional counsellors, charities, and organisations dedicated to wellbeing, who can share and showcase their services, but also use Find Help NI’s directory and many resources to support their own service users.

To connect with people and resources that will enhance the wellbeing of yourself or others, please visit

The video with Liam Neeson can be viewed below:

FindHelpNI is a transformative online platform dedicated to empowering individuals in

Northern Ireland to take proactive steps toward managing their mental health and wellbeing.

The platform offers a comprehensive range of self-help resources, support services,

emergency care guidance, and personal stories to inspire resilience and promote early


Follow FindHelpNi on social media:


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