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Updated: Apr 29, 2022

On the run up to the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections on Thursday 5 May, we have invited all candidates standing in North Antrim to share a ‘message to voters’.

You will find a link to other candidates message to voters at the bottom of this page.


By TUV Party Leader Jim Allister

For over 10years I’ve had the honour of representing North Antrim at Stormont and providing constituency help to many.

Now, I seek your vote again and this time I want you to strengthen my hand by also voting for Matthew Armstrong. Make it TUV 1 & 2.

As promised I have been a thorn in the side of a system of government that will never work, because SF is not there to make NI work. Only a coalition of the willing and a proper Opposition stands any chance of giving you the government you deserve.

On the iniquitous Protocol too, I’ve been your strong voice, opposing the Irish Sea border and our subjection to foreign laws we don’t make and can’t change. I am clear, there can be no progress until the EU gives up its ill-gotten sovereignty over NI. Thus the Protocol must go, no ifs, no buts.

But for me representing NA is about much more than high politics. It is about fighting for justice for my constituents, be it in respect of jobs, education, or health or benefits or even getting the potholes fixed.

These are tough times for working families with the cost of living going through the roof. I will not pretend the Assembly can do much about global energy prices or international inflation, but we can and should cut out government squander and secure such government interventions as can help. In working for that I will not be found wanting.

So, I trust on 5th May you will find me and Matthew Armstrong worthy of your votes.


Links to messages from other Assembly candidates:

• Paul Frew (DUP)

• Laird Shingleton (Independent)

Other candidates will be added.


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