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A MESSAGE TO VOTERS | Laird Shingleton - Independent

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

On the run up to the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections on Thursday 5 May, we have invited all candidates standing across the North Antrim area to share a ‘message to voters’.

You will find a link to other candidates’ message to voters at the bottom of this page.


From Laird Shingleton (Independent candidate for North Antrim)

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. I grew up on a small farm in Kells, County Antrim. I have a family history of farming, manufacturing, construction and a deep passion for road racing. The top election issues hit home for me. As a regular citizen they impact my family, my friends and my community.

With over 30 years of manufacturing and managerial leadership experience I understand how important the manufacturing industry is to our economy and work force. I believe we need to support our manufacturing industry to grow our work force and lift families out of poverty. We need to prioritize supporting apprenticeship programs for trades and our small businesses.

I spent many a days as a lad helping on the family farm and I see how devastating the rising cost of living is impacting our farmers. I believe we can support our farmers while still reducing our carbon footprint.

75% of our countryside is used for the agriculture industry employing more than 48, 423 people. We need to think about how we are going to secure our food supply chain in the coming years and support our farmers.

Mental Health and Healthcare are one of my top priorities. The past two years has driven depression rates, mental illnesses and loneliness through the roof. Families have been stuck in isolation and missed important healthcare appointments.

We need to support our hospitals, physicians and medical staff. They deserve proper funding, wages, resources, and we deserve shorter wait times and quality care. I believe we need to partnership with hospitals and GPs to provide the best preventative medicine and quality care.

The housing crisis has gotten out of hand.

I feel for younger generations struggling to get into the market or those returning to the market from renting. We have almost 9,000 families homeless and 45,000 families waiting for social housing. We cannot go on like this. We need to build more affordable houses to reduce demand and speed up production of social housing. Everyone deserves a home.

In the next few years the number of elderly adults will out number children in our communities. Seniors have spent their lives paying into our economy and country. it is time they were taken care of. They deserve financial support, adequate housing, mental health resources and exceptional healthcare.

1 in 22 children in Northern Ireland have Autism and 14% of those children are living in the most deprived decile of Northern Ireland. Families of children with diverse abilities need financial support and resources so every child is supported to grow up happy and healthy. Families are paying ridiculous amounts for childcare and struggling with affording childcare and being able to work. Families and children deserve quality childcare.

1 in 4 children are living in poverty in Northern Ireland. What has current representation done to fix this?

Ask yourself that on May 5th, 2022. Are you happy with your life in Northern Ireland?

Vote for a better Northern Ireland, Vote Laird Shingleton.


Links to messages from other Assembly candidates:

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• Paul Frew (DUP)

Other candidates will be added.


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