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‘Every Poppy Counts’ in poppy waterfall by Harryville Primary School pupils

The pupils and staff of Harryville Primary School, Ballymena, have been working hard on a stunning poppy waterfall display that was finally completed on Friday.

As we approach the annual Remembrance Day, the Royal British Legion (RBL) have been reminding the nation that ‘Every Poppy Counts - every poppy makes a difference to the lives of the Armed Forces community.’

Like so many things this year, the Poppy Appeal has had to adapt to the threat of Covid-19 and the RBL are asking the public to support the annual appeal like never before, because every poppy counts.

The importance of remembering the ultimate sacrifice that so many members of the armed forces made, were impressed upon the local school children as they worked diligently to complete the beautiful display.

Harryville Primary School teacher, Miss Stacey Henry commented: “Many changes have had to be made this year and we have all had to adapt to a new way of living. However, this year Harryville Primary School did not want to change how we remember the fallen.

“Together as a school family we have made a display of cascading poppies. Our children completed the poppy waterfall to fulfil the British Legion motto ‘Every Poppy Counts’”.

The school was grateful to two local companies who made donations to help

in the effort.

“We must give a special thanks to Norbev and Maine Soft Drinks for the bottles,” Stacey concluded.

Well done to everyone!