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Dogs Trust Ballymena | Roxy, Hazel, Arnie, Minnie and Marty are looking for new homes!

Pug puppy

Meet Marty and his four siblings Arnie, Hazel, Minnie and Roxy! These little cuties are current residents of Dogs Trust Ballymena and are looking for loving forever families.

The seven week old Pug puppies will soon be ready to sprinkle lots of love and happiness in their new homes. These little ones are so playful, adorable and full of character, they will be a delightful addition.

Marty and his siblings will need someone at home with them during the day until they get a bit older so that they can get settled into their new environment and get to know their adopter too!

Pug puppy

As they are only young, they will need help with all aspects of puppy training including house training. To help with other areas of puppy training, they will all be automatically enrolled into Dogs Trust's amazing Dog School classes so that they can get started off on the right paw.

The fabulous five can each live with cats and other dogs if properly introduced and managed in the home from the start. Any dogs already living in the home will need to come for a meet with the puppy before adoption to ensure they are happy with a playful little puppy coming to live with them!

The puppies can also live with children provided that they are have an understanding of dogs.

Any applicants for Marty and his siblings should understand that Pugs are a brachycephalic breed.

Previous experience with a brachycephalic breed or plenty of research into the se breeds will be preferred so that adopters have knowledge of what is involved with owning a brachy breed.

For more information and to find out about adopting the perfect Pug, please visit the Dogs Trust website by clicking here.


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