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Council agree to takeover maintenance of temporary skatepark in Portrush

Skateboarding at Station Square, Portrush. Image: Maureen Kane

Skateboarding at Station Square, Portrush. Image: Maureen Kane

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council will take full responsibility for the maintenance of a temporary skate park in Portrush.

Council officers proposed that the council take over responsibility for the temporary designated skating space, at Station Square, at Leisure and Development Committee meeting on Tuesday.

An officers’ report said the space, set up in 2022, was “designed to create a safe, controlled and inviting environment for skateboarders, whilst maintaining public access to the surrounding businesses and established Rights of Way”.

The council initially established a working group alongside RAWEE Skateboarding, who had taken responsibility for weekly checks and monitoring of the site.

However, RAWEE no longer wish to participate in the working group arrangement due to business commitments, but are willing to continue to work with the council in an advisory role.

Members endorsed officers’ recommendation to take full responsibility for the site, at a cost of around £10,000, “to ensure a consistent approach to inspection, upkeep and repair and maintains the original agreement” and to “improve communication and cooperation with the skateboarding community”.

Alliance Alderman Richard Stewart said the council had a “responsibility to look after this and maintain it”.

“This space is vital for the mental health and wellbeing of our young people,” Alderman Stewart said. “It’s almost like an attraction, where people are standing and watching the skaters. It’s like a wee community hub.”

UUP Councillor Richard Holmes noted that no matter how many skate parks the council installed in other areas of Portrush, skateboarders “always ended up at Station Square”.

Councillor Holmes concluded: “It’s the Piccadilly Circus of our borough and everyone heads to it. Drive through it any night, particularly at weekends, and it’s buzzing.”


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