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WATCH | Emily (14) flies the flag for Northern Ireland and takes The Voice Kids by storm

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

The amazingly talented 14-year-old Emily Flanagan from Newry, County Down took hit ITV show 'The Voice Kids' by storm last week.

Emily flew the flag for Northern Ireland, and wowed all the celeb VIP judges, making it to the final 16 out of 15,000 entrants.

The teen, who was 13-years-old at the time of filming, performed her sensational rendition of the old time classic 'Danny Boy' in front of Spice Girl Mel C, Pixie Lott,, and Danny Jones.

Filmed on Valentines Day 2021, Emily walked out onto The Voice stage with only two places remaining in Pixie and Mel C’s teams. It didn’t stop from repeatedly banging his button as he listened to the young talent perform.

It was down to Pixie Lott though, who knew that the singer had a sound that needed to find a home on her team. The star told Emily:

“Your voice can do some crazy things! I was listening, and like, all these little Christmas presents kept popping out. I kept looking at Danny like, “Oh ah, that was nice,” and just when you got to the chorus, you’re voice was so clear and strong. I’m excited that no one else turned, because it means that you’re on my team, lucky me!”

Following the broadcast of her amazing performance last weekend, we caught up with Emily this week, when she told Love Ballymena that her experience on The Voice Kids has been absolutely incredible.

Emily said:

“At first it was nerve-wracking, but I really loved being able to perform on that stage for all the coaches. I was so happy to be able to sing ‘Oh Danny Boy’, as it has such a huge significance for Northern Ireland.

“As I was singing, I didn’t realise Pixie had turned, so you can imagine the pure shock of when I noticed her chair had lit up and turned right in front of me. All the nerves left me at that point of my performance, as the chair-turn meant I was advancing on to the next part of the competition - the finals!”

Emily who is a pupil at Sacred Heart Grammar School, Newry, said her favourite moments so far of her journey in The Voice has been meeting her teammates, and being guided through the battle song by coach Pixie Lott.

“I will never forget the friendships I made with the girls,” said Emily.

It has been a long wait for the teenager who described the feeling as “quite surreal” when the show aired in December. Emily has had to carry and keep her progress a secret for the last 10 months since filming wrapped up in March 2021.

As always, communities across the province have taken Emily to heart and have been rallying to support her after the touching performance.

“The support from home has been incredible,” she said. “People in Northern Ireland are incredible! Everyone was just so excited to see a local girl on the TV.”

Kathy McCaughey, owner of The Choir Studio in Newry, is both Emily’s very proud aunt and also her inspiration, having nurtured her each step of the way. After her niece performed ‘Danny Boy’, Kathy told the coaches when asked by Pixie if she enjoyed the performance:

“Awh, she was fabulous! My wee heart - I can’t take much more. Emily, I’m so proud of you honey!”

It is clear, the future is very bright for this little songbird, and all of Northern Ireland is cheering her on.


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