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Yellow weather warning issued for snow and ice in NI

Person walking across the road in wintry showers.
The Met Office has issued a warning for snow and ice impacting Northern Ireland.

The Met Office have issued a further yellow weather warning impacting Northern Ireland effective from 5pm tomorrow, Monday 13 March to 11am on Tuesday morning.

According to the Met Office, overnight snow showers are likely to lead to slippery and unsafe conditions on untreated roads, cycle paths and pavements.

A Met Office spokesperson said:

"Cold air spreading southwards across the UK, following a band of rain, sleet and snow, will bring frequent snow showers to northern, western, and eastern Scotland, as well as parts of Northern Ireland.

"Overnight, these will accumulate on some roads and pavements, with anywhere between a light dusting and several cm of snow possible. Between the showers, partially melted snow is likely to freeze on untreated surfaces leading to icy stretches.

"Wintry showers will continue through Tuesday, although by mid-morning the temperature on most roads will likely have risen sufficiently to reduce the risk of further accumulating snow or ice".


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