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Warnings issued to water users ahead of large waves and powerful swell on North Coast

📸 Kez Mitch

Police and RNLI have urged water enthusiasts to exercise caution and to stay safe by not entering coastal waters ahead of an expected powerful swell and large waves today (Wednesday 28 October).

Police Causeway Coast & Glens commented: “You may be aware that today we are expecting rather large waves along the North Coast of Antrim alongside a very powerful swell.

“We would like to urge you all to practice caution, to know YOUR limits and to stay safe. If you’re unsure then do not enter the sea and take the risk!

“The REAL danger in a solid North Atlantic Swell like today is the absolute POWER of the actual water itself. Even small waves very close to the beach can double up and explode violently and endlessly, and these are the areas where most beginner or intermediate water users frequent.

“These conditions alongside flash rip currents, drag and water and tidal movement can be a real challenge for even very experienced water users.

“The RNLI, and other surf professionals are recommending people to NOT enter the water at all due to the risk so please take heed!”

Stay Safe, and Stay Smart!

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