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VIDEOS | Mrs Brown’s Boys cast wish happy birthday to Ballymena’s own star Damien Carey

Ballymena’s own superstar, Damien Carey, turned 59 years old on Thursday (3 September), and among the many hundreds of birthday wishes and greetings, were special video messages which Damien received from the cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Always one to enjoy a laugh, Damien loves to watch the popular Irish comedy tv programme.

As a lovely surprise, family friend Sinead Wallace Meisonnave, organised along with sister Roisin to have some of the show’s cast to make Damien’s day extra special with a few video messages. Sinead first met Damien a number of years ago when she worked at Boots in Ballymena - making sure he always got back home safely.

Damien’s sister, Roisin, was very grateful to the cast members Damien McKierman (Rory Brown), Elish McCarrol (Winnie McCoogan), Gary Hollywood (Dean O’Doyle), and Moloney Conor (Father Damien) who took the the time to greet Ballymena’s own star.

Damien McKierman (Rory Brown)

Elish McCarrol (Winnie McCoogan)

Gary Hollywood (Dean O’Doyle)

Moloney Conor (Father Damien)

Roisin shared how Damien was ‘blown away’ to say the least when he received the videos on his big day.

Damien enjoying his birthday videos

Damien says ‘Thank you’

You can follow Damien’s adventures and find more lovely updates at his Facebook profile.


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