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‘TUV - No Sea Border’ approved for ballot papers

The Northern Ireland Electoral Commission has approved a request from the Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) party, led by Jim

Allister, to appear on ballot papers under the designation - ‘TUV - No Sea Border’. The party said that while there was still time to do so, TUV applied to the Electoral Commission for approval of this designation for the Assembly election.

Explaining the move, TUV leader Jim Allister commented: “With TUV having led the way in opposing the iniquitous Protocol, both legally and politically, we wished to ensure that every voter who receives a ballot paper will be in no doubt as to the priority TUV gives to this issue.

“While others established the Poots' Posts to implement the Protocol, TUV has been crystal clear from the outset that there is nothing ‘sensible’, nor are there ‘opportunities’ or ‘the best of both worlds’ within the Union-dismantling Protocol.

“Having led where others have followed we wish every voter to see the issue identified without ambiguity on the ballot paper. There will be no doubt as to what a vote for TUV means.”

Northern Ireland’s Assembly elections will take place on Thursday 5 May 2022.


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