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TOP 10 | All the latest news from Waterstones Ballymena

Welcome to the weekly news, reviews, and ‘all-things-books’ latest from the team at Waterstone’s Ballymena!




1. Bumble and Snug and the Angry Pirates - Mark Bradley


2. Lightseekers - Femi Kayode


3. Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow - Gabrielle Zevin


4. Causeway Coastal Route - Seth Linder


5. The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah


6. While The Storm Rages - Phil Earle


7. Normal People - Sally Rooney


8. The Fine Print - Lauren Asher


9. Beautiful World, Where Are You? - Sally Rooney


10. Putin's People - Catherine Belton



Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow - Gabrielle Zevin


This is an exciting new novel just released this week that has a lot of hype surrounding it. This is a heartwarming book that appeals to all tastes, but especially to any gaming enthusiasts.

It's a story of human connection, the nature of human identity and so much more. It has been well reviewed so far: 'Utterly brilliant. In this sweeping, gorgeously written novel, Gabrielle Zevin charts the beauty, tenacity, and fragility of human love and creativity. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is one of the best books I've ever read' - John Green.

This book was our number three bestseller this week, making a great impact in such a short space of time.




Our next Saturday storytime will take place on Saturday 30th July at 12pm. The story will be 'I Spy Island' by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet.

This is a fun, Summer read from the creators of the bestselling 'Supertato' series. No booking is required and this is a completely free event, just show up!

There will also be some colouring in afterward.





This is a brand new feature for Waterstones, every month a different, exciting game will be picked.

This month, its the 'Agatha Christie: Death on the Cards' game. 

This is a family-friendly and fiendishly fun game, players must harness their inner Marples and Poirots to solve a murder and find who amongst the suspects has committed the ghastly deed. It is suitable for 2-6 players at a time, age 10+ and provides 20-40 minutes of gameplay.

The game's slim size makes it perfect for travel and entertaining the whole family. We have had great feedback about this game so far, so why not try it out for yourself?




The shortlist for the Waterstones Debut Prize, as voted for and chosen by Waterstones Booksellers, has just been announced. This six-strong shortlist represents the exciting scope of contemporary storytelling. The books that have made the list are...


• Lessons in Chemistry - Bonnie Garmus


A smart, funny book set in the 1960s, featuring an unconventional female scientist with a game plan has capture the hearts and minds of Booksellers.


• The Rabbit Hutch - Tess Gunty


Powered by a collection of brilliantly drawn and truly memorable characters living in the same dilapidated apartment block in a Rust-Belt Town in America, Gunty's assured debut demonstrates an uncanny knack for psychological insight and narrative empathy.


• Trespasses - Louise Kennedy


We were hugely excited for her debut novel, and it exceeded high expectations. 'Trespasses' offers readers a blistering and tender snapshot of life in 1970s Belfast, bringing the reality of navigating the everyday in the midst of the Troubles to startling focus.


• How High We Go In The Dark - Sequoia Nagamatsu


This book follows a cast of intricately linked characters spanning hundreds of years as humanity endeavours to restore the delicate balance of the world. This is an exciting new voice in Science Fiction.


• Vagabonds! - Eloghosa Osunde


Painting a portrait of life and death in contemporary Nigeria like no other, Eloghosa Osunde’s bold and beautiful mosaic-like debut mixes realism with folklore and mythology to dazzling effect.

Our guides to this singular vision of Lagos are its spirit Eko, and his minion Tatafo, who weave through the city’s underbelly, shining a light on its ‘vagabonds’ – the marginalised people, and in particular the queer community, who are the novel’s heroes.


• Memphis - Tara M. Stringfellow


Tara M. Stringfellow’s debut tells the story of three generations of women in the North family, in a fierce celebration of black womanhood and the enduring strength of familial bonds.

The novel opens with Joan, aged ten, returning to the family home in Memphis with her mother Miriam and little sister Mya for the first time since infancy: their homecoming unfurls the family’s history, as Stringfellow skips between generations, interspersing Joan’s coming of age with her mother’s, aunt’s, and grandmother’s stories.


The winner will be announced Thursday 25th August 2022, let us know which one is your favourite!


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