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Tommy Fury dedicates boxing win to daughter Bambi

Tommy Fury pictured speaking on Good Morning Britain.
Tommy Fury pictured speaking on Good Morning Britain.

Today on Good Morning Britain, boxer Tommy Fury joined to share just how much his victory in the ring on Sunday against influencer Jake Paul meant to him, while gushing over his girlfriend Molly-Mae who he described as “the best woman any man could ever ask for.”

When asked what he earned as a result of his victory on Sunday, Tommy shared what his earnings meant for his new family, “I did very well, it was a career-high payday for me, well not for me should I say because everything I do now in my career is for not for me, it’s for my little girl Bambi.

“Everything I do now is to make sure that she’s happy, a good life for herself but whatever I can do to make sure she has that is enough for me.”

Describing his emotions on the night, Tommy said, “Emotions were so high because it wasn’t necessarily the win, it was everything that I went through for the past three years. 

“People saying that I backed out of the fight twice, people saying that I couldn't beat the guy, that I was scared of a YouTuber, and on that night I silenced everyone.

“I went out there against all odds, against me supposedly cracking under the pressure and going out there and putting on a hell of a performance and coming away with a win.”

On his girlfriend Molly-Mae not being able to watch the boxing match live, Tommy gushed, “It was a crazy feeling, I knew in the build-up that she would never be able to watch just because of how scared she gets for the fights.

“When I did see the video of her finding out that I had won, it was amazing because it was for those two.

“At the end of the day I’ve been in training camp, Molly’s been an absolutely amazing mother, she’s the best woman any man could ever ask for. She’s done everything, all of the hard miles at the start. I owe everything to her and Bambi, so this victory, this win was for them two.”

Speaking of his opponent, “Jake Paul is a good guy, you know at the end of the day we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do to sell a fight, that’s just business.

“But at the end of the day, there’s levels to this sport and I showed that I was levels above him.”

Tommy also spoke on the handshake that he and Jake took live on television which would mean that Jake would hand over his 30 million dollar payday to Tommy as a result of a loss, “At the end of the day we were live on television and we shook hands. We’re old-fashioned guys so a handshake means everything to us, but let’s see if he honours it or not.” 

In closing Tommy shared, “In our family, Tyson is the best but I’ve always said lightning does strike twice. That was my glimpse of glory and this is the start of my time at the top.”

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