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Tesco lorry cab branded to encourage support of NI Air Ambulance charity

A Tesco cab has been branded up to raise support for local charity, Air Ambulance NI. 


A Tesco cab has been branded up to raise support for local charity, Air Ambulance NI. 

The vehicle has been wrapped in red, including the charity logo, image of the helicopter that serves our community daily, and a simple message, ‘please support’. 

The partnership between Tesco and Air Ambulance NI is in place for two years. 

A Tesco cab has been branded up to raise support for local charity, Air Ambulance NI. 


Brian Cooke, Tesco Transport Team Manager said:

“Air Ambulance is a prominent feature in our skies, covering vast airmiles as it travels to the scene of critically ill patients. 

"We are incredibly proud to support air ambulance given the role it plays in helping to save lives every day. It’s lovely to align across the theme of transport – the helicopter travels across Northern Ireland as do our drivers, serving the community day and daily.

"The vehicle is expected to do about 115,000kms a year so it’s a unique way to raise awareness of the charity and its need for funds, across the province. 

"As part of our work in community outreach we will also bring the vehicle to truck shows throughout the year and youth road safety educational visits.”

A Tesco cab has been branded up to raise support for local charity, Air Ambulance NI. 


Michael Booth and Jeff Gibson, who work opposing shifts in the 24 / 7 retail day, were chosen to have their truck used for the two year partnership.

Michael said:

“I’m proud to be playing a part in helping to save lives by raising awareness driving this vehicle every week. It certainly gets some attention out on the road.  Please give me a wave or a beep if you see me.”


The charity Air Ambulance Northern Ireland, in partnership with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, provides the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for Northern Ireland. The service brings urgent medical assistance to anywhere in the province, operating seven days a week for 12 hours per day.

The HEMS team attend patients who are seriously ill or injured, bringing emergency pre-hospital care direct to the casualty with the aim of saving lives, brains and limbs. The aircraft can reach anywhere in Northern Ireland in approximately twenty-five minutes.


Kerry Anderson, Head of Fundraising at the charity said:

“The charity aircraft is called upon on average twice daily when a serious trauma or medical emergency occurs anywhere in the province.  Fundraising need to sustain the service is considerable with a daily fundraising target of £6,850 or £2.5m per year. 

"Our branded cab partnership with Tesco will improve visibility of our charity brand and we hope, encourage everyone to consider supporting.  As well as that, on a practical level we will benefit from Tesco’s distribution network as they deliver fundraising packs to Tesco stores during our fundraising ‘Go Red’ day this September. 

"We are so grateful to Tesco for their on-going support of the charity.”


Air Ambulance NI has a range of ways to support the service including one off our regular donations, taking part in an event or becoming a member of their adult or junior membership club. Upcoming events include Supercar Extravaganza, skydiving on 9th September and abseils of the Europa Hotel and Belfast Castle. 

Find out more by visiting Alternatively, you can contact the charity directly by emailing or calling 028 9262 2677.


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