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Swann attends Stormont event to promote menopause awareness

Robin Swann MLA at Over the Bloody Moon event in Stormont

Ulster Unionist MLA Robin Swann has attended a Stormont event designed to raise awareness of the many symptoms of the menopause.

Mr Swann also suggested women's health in general was an area the new incoming Executive needed to conciously invest some time and focus upon.

Robin Swann said:

"Whilst there are pressures right across the health service, tackling some of the truly unacceptable waiting times and delays facing women's services must be one of the priorities.

Robin Swann MLA at Over the Bloody Moon event in Stormont

"I was very pleased to have been invited to a event in Stormont last week that was intended to raise awareness of the symptoms of menopause and to help tackle any perceived stigma. It was the first time in which a tool that acts a menopause stimulater, labelled a 'menovest', was made available and it was genuinely an eye opening experience.

"The high-tech vest is intended to raise awareness by being worn by men and mimicks the unpredictability of hot flushes, as well as replicating other menopause related symptoms.

"It was an eye-opening experience and as a man, for only a brief period whilst wearing it, it certainly highlighted to me what women experience. As a society I feel menopause is not talked about often enough or openly enough and as such women face all sorts of additional challenges. It must be especially difficult for women working for employers where the issue is not properly understood or supported.

"During my time as Minister I took part in the UK's very first menopause taskforce. With all the developments on women's health over recent years it's a policy area which requires real focus and promotion. I hope the new Minister will very quickly come to see that."


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