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Summer gets off to a good start for local shopper thanks to £7K giveaway

Hugh Quinn is presented with his winning £100 voucher from team member Mary-Kate Harvey at EUROSPAR Cushendall.

County Antrim man Hugh Quinn has been named as one of the lucky winners of an exciting giveaway which took place throughout June.

Shoppers across the country were looking out for the ‘Big Red Trolley’ in EUROSPAR supermarkets last month, for the chance to win one of seventy £100 vouchers.

Launched in June at over 70 community supermarkets, EUROSPAR aimed to help their shoppers make the most of their summer deals and save money while the cost of living continues to rise rapidly, by giving away £7,000 worth of shopping vouchers - £100 of which were snapped up by Hugh at his local EUROSPAR Cushendall on the Coast Road.

This summer, EUROSPAR continues to invest in driving down the cost of everyday essentials for their shoppers, providing value when they need it most. Weekly Mega Deals on family favourites and Tesco Price Matches on over 1,000 big brands are initiatives in-store intended to help shoppers against big household bills.

Hugh was delighted to be one of the lucky winners out of thousands of entrants, and commented:

“I would visit EUROSPAR at least twice a week, so I was delighted to find out I won. You don’t expect to win these things and when I told my wife she was even more delighted than me! I would imagine I’m going to spend it on a big trolley shop or maybe a few baskets when I’m in during the week.”

Sara Murphy, Marketing Manager at Henderson Group which owns EUROSPAR in Northern Ireland says showing support to their shoppers is so important:

“We are delighted with the response to our £7K Giveaway, but it just shows how much communities need their locally run stores and supermarkets that are committed to helping them save money in the face of rapidly rising household bills, which show no sign of slowing down.

“The local community are at the heart of all our stores, so it is great to be able to show our appreciation to our shoppers and we are delighted to be able to assist so many across Northern Ireland and kick off their summer in the best possible way.”


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