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Staff at Dogs Trust Ballymena go the extra mile for rescue dogs

Rescue dog at Dogs Trust Ballymena


Dedicated staff at Dogs Trust Ballymena Rehoming Centre are forever going the extra mile for the rescue dogs in their care which includes sharing their offices with the pooches who find kennel life difficult.  


Before three-year-old Labradoodle Phoebe found her forever home, she struggled with being left alone. She shared her kennel with another canine pal, but when her kennel companion was adopted, Phoebe would howl if left alone.

With Phoebe being such a people dog who loved company, fuss and attention, she started spending her days in the rehoming centre offices, socialising with staff, which was her idea of heaven.  


Rescue dog at Dogs Trust Ballymena

Another dog who spent much of his time with Dogs Trust Ballymena hanging out in the offices with staff before being adopted was 12-week-old Chihuahua crossbreed Sullivan. 

Sullivan was the last remaining puppy from a litter, so he found the kennel a lonely place. While spending time in the office, Sullivan had a crate which he soon discovered was a place of comfort and calm where he could enjoy a nap when staff were working.     


Conor O’Kane, Manager at Dogs Trust Ballymena said:

Many of our dogs adapt very quickly to kennel life. However, there are others who don’t settle especially dogs that have never been in a kennel before or who suffer from separation anxiety. We are lucky to have wonderful foster carers and often these dogs are better suited to a foster home and with others we welcome them into our offices during the day. 


“Phoebe loved company and so became vocal when left alone, whereas in the office she would play with toys, nap in bed, and lap up all the attention. She was much happier with this routine so when she returned to her kennel at the end of the day, she was so tired she was ready for bed.

Rescue dog at Dogs Trust Ballymena

“Sullivan also benefitted from being in the office with staff where he received endless cuddles, we could help with his house training, and it was fantastic for his socialisation.  It is something we will continue doing when it helps our wonderful dogs prepare for their new lives in forever homes.” 


Dogs Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity with decades of expertise and experience. Dogs Trust staff go the extra mile for every dog in the charity’s care to prepare them for the future they deserve, as quickly as possible, so that they spend less time in kennels.   

Rescue dog at Dogs Trust Ballymena


You will find more information about all the dogs waiting to be adopted at Dogs Trust Ballymena at: 


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