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REAL MEN TALK | Emmerdale highlights importance of getting men to talk

Men sitting in a room seated in a circle during a support group session.

Emmerdale story: Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) attends a man club away from the village.

In tonight’s Emmerdale Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) attended a group session away from the fictional village of Emmerdale. 

In the storyline, Paddy attends a man club away from the village. Not knowing the men and nervous at first, Paddy eventually speaks up and details his woes to an understanding group. He’s left to realise that he’s far from alone with his problems. Paddy bonds with some fellow Man Club members. When he agrees to come back, it’s clear Paddy is moving in the right direction.

Filming for these scenes took place at Bradford City Football Club Ground in the room where regular Andy’s Man Club meetings are held every Monday.   

Within this episode, four men with lived experience of being members of Andy’s Man Club, were featured, playing the roles of fictional attendees of the group.


During filming of these scenes, the Emmerdale Digital team went behind the scenes to hear their real life stories. 

The resulting video contains the personal stories of these men. Please note this video discusses mental health and suicidal thoughts.  Actors Dominic Brunt (Paddy Kirk) and Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) have also contributed to this discussion on the importance of getting men to talk.  

Four men sitting on chairs in a support group setting.

Four 'real-life' members with lived experience of being members of Andy’s Man Club.

Ongoing counselling and support has been given by ITV to the men who shared their story so openly. Their hope is this video and content will encourage other men to open up and talk. 

Neil Waine from Andy’s Man Club, who was featured in the episode, reveals why he took part in this filming:

 “Filming with Emmerdale in an actual Andy’s Man Club with Andy’s Man Club lads alongside professional actors was amazing. When Laura the Producer first asked me about doing this episode I jumped at the opportunity to let men see a bit of how Andy’s Man Club runs and this will hopefully help us challenge the stigmas around men talking. “

Emmerdale, 7.30PM, weeknights on ITV1.

An ITV Studios Production. 


Please find below important information and links for support and help with mental health and issues around suicide.  

Emmerdale have worked closely with both Samaritans and Andy’s Man Club but there is wide ranging help available.

Please find here a link to the ITV help page:


NHS recommendations on what to do if you have suicidal thoughts:

NHS advice on how to seek mental health support is here:


When life is difficult, Samaritans are here – day or night, 365 days a year. You can call them for free on 116 123 or visit  for more info.

  • Anyone can contact Samaritans FREE any time from any phone on 116 123, even a mobile without credit. This number won’t show up on your phone bill. Or you can visit  

  • Every 10 seconds, Samaritans responds to a call for help. 

  • Samaritans is a charity and it’s the public’s kind donations and around 20,000 volunteers that mean we are always there for anyone struggling to cope. Find out how you can  support us  or  volunteer with us

Andy's Man Club has over 100 peer to peer talking groups and on online platform for may man over 18 to reach out and talk confidentially and without judgement. 

  • All Andy's Man Club groups are free to attend with no registration or referral needed. You don’t even have to talk!

  • With the rate of male suicides at an alarming level (3 in 4 suicides are male), we hope to open more groups nationwide to help in this ongoing fight. 

  • All our groups run on Monday evenings between 7pm -9pm (except Bank Holidays) and are run by volunteers who have gone through their own storm and want to help you through yours! 

  • For more information or to find out where all our groups are please email: or checkout our brand new 

  • You will find Andy's Man Club on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube and TikTok @andysmanclubuk


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