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Read More in 24 with Libraries NI!

At the start of a New Year, Libraries NI is encouraging everyone to make the positive change to read more in 24 by getting the library habit.

When it comes to resolutions, reading more is a common aspiration for many. But people often find themselves falling short of their goals because they become fixated on the result, rather than focusing on the process of change. However, the ‘Library Habit’ campaign is aiming to shift this narrative by helping the public create lasting routines, rather than fleeting resolutions.

It all starts with taking the first step to either visit your local library or to join the library online!

For people of all ages, local libraries have a lot to offer in terms of books and reading material as well as events and activities to offer support and help.

Families, in particular, can benefit greatly from libraries as they provide a vast collection of books suitable for children of all ages, catering to their ever-growing demands and diverse interests. The best part? These books can be borrowed free of charge!

The key to fully taking advantage of all that libraries offer is to make a few changes to your routine.

Consider adding a library visit to your family’s monthly calendar. Or, for those who prefer reading on electronic devices or who are constantly on the move, Libraries NI has free access to eBooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers and eAudiobooks. These can be accessed online through apps, ensuring that readers have a 24/7 selection at their fingertips.

Jim O’Hagan, Libraries NI Chief Executive explains:

“Reading more in 24 is a fantastic idea, but it will only work if people commit to changing their habits. That's where Libraries NI comes in. We want to encourage you to make a commitment to yourself, your family and to your local library. Plan regular visits or set aside dedicated time for reading and allow yourself to be captivated by the magic that lies within the pages of a book.

“Our libraries are vibrant hubs where people from all walks of life come together to share ideas, engage in discussions, and participate in various events and workshops. By incorporating library visits into your routine, you will be supported with welcoming spaces, a wealth of resources, and a community that embraces reading.”

There are 96 public libraries across Northern Ireland and anyone who lives, works or studies here can join. You can sign up online in a matter of minutes, get a membership number and start to download eBooks, eMagazines, eAudiobooks and eNewspapers straightaway. If you want to use your membership to borrow books from a library, simply visit any library to get a membership card.

So, starting from today, make it a priority to visit your local library. Block out the time in your schedule, mark it in your calendar and make it non-negotiable! Together, we can make 2024 a year of positive change, personal growth, and endless literary adventures.

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