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Portrush RNLI welcomes the Causeway Shantymen as RNLI Water Safety Ambassadors

the Causeway Shantymen singing


The Causeway Shantymen have become ambassadors for the RNLI during its 200th year.

They have drawn great inspiration from a collaboration with Portrush RNLI and hope to play a significant role in promoting water safety and raising funds for the Lifeboat Station.


The Causeway Shantymen's journey in just 12 months is remarkable, and they have quickly become a unique presence in Northern Ireland's music culture. Their performances, ranging from collaboration with a West End theatre star to participating in maritime festivals and charity fundraisers, have brought joy to audiences.

The talented Shantymen's infectious passion for sea shanties not only entertains but also serves as a cultural link to the rich maritime heritage of the Causeway coast. Sea shanties, with their tales of sailors' struggles and the harsh realities of life at sea, provide a glimpse into a bygone era.

the Causeway Shantymen  singing


Judy Nelson Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer said:


"We need help more than ever to deliver our water safety messages. Over half the people that get into trouble in the water didn’t expect to get wet, and having the Causeway Shantymen on board will help us to deliver this message.


"This is such a natural fit for us at the station to team up with the Shantymen especially when we made a guest appearance singing with them outside theLifeboat station at Christmas.

"The volunteer crew and Station fundraising team are looking forward to working with them to help raise awareness of Water Safety and to raise funds for the station."


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