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Police respond to complaint by political representative and clarify poppy wearing policy

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has responded this evening to a complaint raised on social media by a political representative around the wearing of poppies by officers.

it is understood that two student officers were asked to remove pinned poppies last week before an attestation ceremony.

A police spokesperson stated: "In relation to concerns around permission for officers to wear poppies, the Police Service has a clear policy on the wearing of poppies which specifies official Poppy Appeal Poppies, worn as per prolocol and for the period of the official Poppy Appeal. The Police Service also has a clear policy that operational officers, for health and safety reasons, will not wear tie-pins.

"Before the attestation ceremony last week, two student officers were asked to remove tie pins in line with uniform policy. It should be noted that poppies were worn by a number of officers at the attestation ceremony, which is entirely within our policy and protocol."

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