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PHA launches new dashboard on vaccination progress for Northern Ireland

A dashboard charting the progress of Northern Ireland’s vaccination programme has gone live from today.

It is the first step in plans to publish detailed daily data on vaccination.

Work is ongoing on the necessary data reporting and digital infrastructure for a more comprehensive dashboard.

Welcoming the new dashboard, Health Minister Robin Swann said:

“Our vaccination programme is continuing to make excellent progress.

“I am committed to improving the regular flow of information on the programme. This dashboard is a step in that direction.”

The new dashboard is available at:

It includes a breakdown of vaccinations administered – including health and care staff across both the HSC system and non-statutory providers.

These figures are a summary of operational reporting data submitted to the Department of Health for the purposes of monitoring the roll-out of vaccinations in the region. They are not currently systematically/digitally generated, but are provided as an interim step ahead of a full vaccination data management system.

They will:

a. Be potentially subject to day to day fluctuations as reporting data comes in from the providers;

b. Be replaced in due course with a new and more detailed report created from the new Northern Ireland Vaccinations Management System, once it is fully populated with all sources of vaccinations.

2. The figures for HSC staff vaccinations include both staff from statutory bodies (e.g HSC Trust employees) as well as non-statutory employees (e.g. those employed outside of the Trusts but working to deliver health and care services, like domiciliary care workers and some community and voluntary sector partners).

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