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Organ Donation Week | ‘Words save lives’

With Organ Donation Week drawing to a close, the Health Minister is urging everyone to talk to their family and friends about organ donation this weekend.

Minister Swann said:

“We are asking everyone to take the opportunity at some point this weekend to discuss their wishes about organ donation with their family and friends. While it might not be possible to meet face-to-face, I’d encourage you to lift the phone and start the conversation – it’s that important.”

In Northern Ireland approximately 47% of the population has signed the Organ Donor Register but with over 110 people on the active waiting list for a lifesaving transplant we need more people to register.

Minister Swann continued:

“We have a good record of organ donation here which we quite rightly should be proud of but with so many local people waiting for a transplant, we must do all we can to increase the number of organs available for transplantation to enable them to receive the ultimate gift. I would urge everyone to join the Organ Donation register and discuss their wishes with friends and family. In this case words really can save lives.”

Concluding Minister Swann said:

“Due to Covid-19 it hasn’t been possible to hold the usual programme of events but I would like to thank the health Trusts, Councils, charities and other organisations for organising a series of virtual events, sharing messages and stories about organ donation, and to those who illuminated iconic buildings to mark the occasion to honour organ donors and their families.”

If you would like to sign the register or would like more information, visit:

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