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Northern Ireland consumers munch through more than 1.6 million bananas from Lidl in January

Inside Lidl store in Northern Ireland

Consumers across Northern Ireland ate their way through 1.6 million bananas purchased from Lidl in January, as the retailer revealed the top-selling products over the month.

Healthy options were top of the shopping lists as consumers kicked off the year on the best footing while the figures showed that contrary to popular belief, Northern Ireland shoppers love their greens – and it’s not just the traditional broccoli and carrots.

Over 84,000 cucumbers found their way into trolleys with shoppers in Armagh, Tyrone and Down crunching on the most out of everyone in Northern Ireland.

Cucumbers in Lidl Northern Ireland

Aubergines, which sold almost 12,000, had the heart of Antrim shoppers while courgettes, over 23,000 of which were sold across Northern Ireland, were most popular in Down.

Shoppers also favoured the sweet potato, selling more than 50,000 in January with Armagh and Tyrone eating the most per customer out of everyone in the region. This comforting carb is a good source fibre, beneficial for gut health and points to the health-conscious shopping habits of Northern Ireland consumers.

Shifting focus to fruits, ‘super-food’ blueberries took the spotlight after bananas, selling 125,000 punnets and proving most popular in Co Derry.

Easy peeler oranges were enjoyed the most by shoppers in Fermanagh but loved by all across the region, selling over 64,000, as they do exactly what they say on the packaging.

Lidl Northern Ireland store

And while Northern Ireland doesn’t get the exotic weather, shoppers do enjoy exotic fruits with Lidl customers picking up a total of 120,000 kiwis and avocado securing its place as the exotic fruit of choice with almost 70,000 snapped up.

In addition to prioritising fruit and vegetable consumption, shoppers also boosted their intake of Lidl’s High Protein range. Lidl's trending High Protein Puddings with 20g of protein witnessed soaring popularity with more than 128,000 puddings already sold this year.

Lidl Northern Ireland’s full suite of affordable and healthy high-quality products is available in all 41 stores across the region. Keep an eye on the in-store leaflet to keep up to date with the latest instore promotions visit


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