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NIAS responds to Chief Constable’s claims of police response to 2,000 ambulance call-outs

NI Ambulance Service (NIAS) has responded to claims made by PSNI Chief Constable Simon Byrne to the Northern Ireland Justice Committee, that police had to respond to over 2,000 ambulance call-outs

In a statement, the NIAS stated that they had in fact attended many of the calls, though may have been delayed, and that the police service would have been at a significant proportion of them on any occasion due to the nature of the emergency.

A spokesperson for the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service said:

“The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service has noted media reports in relation to information reportedly provided to the Justice Committee last week by PSNI, in relation to the nearly 2000 calls that have been sent to them from the ambulance service where NIAS couldn't attend.

“It is our understanding that NIAS did attend many of these calls, however a response may have been delayed. A significant proportion are of such a nature that PSNI attendance would have been necessary in addition to NIAS attendance.

“Examples of these calls would include Road Traffic Collisions, assaults, potential violence towards our staff and requirement to gain access to properties. In such cases, both l PSNI and NIAS will be required to attend the scene to attend to their respective duties.

“NIAS greatly appreciates the assistance and co-operation of PSNI across all levels of the organisations but particularly in the operational environment. We both share the same aim of protecting and serving our communities and we can only do so when public confidence is assured.

“NIAS currently faces challenges in providing timely responses to less urgent calls, many of which the PSNI may already be in attendance at. On occasions PSNI officers may make an operational decision, based on what they see as the best interests of the patient, to cancel the ambulance and to transport the patient to hospital. NIAS appreciates this support from our PSNI colleagues.

“We would hope that clarification will be provided to the Justice Committee.”


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