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Mum and son from Ballymena win tickets to watch England’s victory over Germany at Wembley

Jenny McQuillan with son Craig at Tuesday evenings Wembley match between England and Germany.

What a win! Ballymena woman Jenny McQuillan was delighted when she discovered she had won tickets to the Euros in a prize draw - a perfect surprise for son Craig who plays for Ballymena United U16’s.

Jenny had recently entered the prize draw via the Adidas app and was delighted when she notified that she had won two tickets for the Euros.

The Ballymena woman explained: “At the time we didn’t know who would be playing because the games were still at group stages. All we knew it would be the winner of Group D versus second place Group F.

“With my son being a huge football fan, I quickly booked our flights and accommodation.”

As the competition played on, mother and son could not believe it when they discovered they would be going to watch England v Germany, describing it as, “Unreal”!

Jenny said: “Off to Wembley we went. The atmosphere was buzzing from early in the day. Crowds gathered early, and everywhere you went, you could hear the chants of 'It’s coming home'!

“When we got into the stadium, our seats were 17 rows from the pitch at the half way line... absolutely amazing. The crowd were buzzing - everyone in fine form singing and chanting. It was fantastic.”

The atmosphere was electric and full of expectancy as England showed fine form and took the lead in the game.

“When the first goal was scored, the stadium erupted. Oh my days... I don't think I've witnessed anything like that,” Jenny stated.

“Then the second goal came and pretty much sealed England's victory. The crowd were jumping and celebrating. It was something else. We will never forget the atmosphere.

“My son has lived the dream - getting to Wembley to watch a match like that. We are so very thankful.”


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