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MOMENTOUS week for Braidside Integrated Primary School

This week has been a significant one in the history of Braidside as the school received the keys to a brand new purpose-built school building that will allow staff to continue to deliver and grow top quality education in a state-of-the-art facility.

As Ballymena’s only planned integrated Nursery and Primary School, Braidside Integrated Primary School has been popular with families in the local community since it opened its doors in September 1989.

The Principal and committed staff team work hard to nurture a central ethos of integration, welcomed parental involvement, and a caring environment where each child can reach their full potential as they make their way in this life.

The new school building was officially handed over on Tuesday 28 July.

Speaking to Love Ballymena, Principal Julie McAuley said: “It’s been a momentous week for us! We had the official handover on Tuesday and since then it's been full steam ahead with removal and deliveries. As you can imagine, it's going to take some time to get all in place but we've had such a positive week and I'm delighted with what has been achieved.”

Principal Mrs Julie McAuley

Braidside IPS learnt back in 2013 of the Department of Education’s approval for a new building, so the handover of the new facility this week has been much anticipated over the last seven years for both pupils and staff, though perhaps not expected to have happened in the middle of the country’s response to a global pandemic!

As school principals up and down the United Kingdom frantically prepare for the children’s return to school in a few weeks time, Braidside’s Principal has the added responsibility of moving a full primary school building full of equipment and resources!

Julie said: "Any initial feelings of anticipation and nervousness, that all would go according to plan, have been replaced by excitement, relief and joy. What a week we have had moving out of the old premises into our brand new school!

“In four days all of the old resources, equipment and furniture were removed and placed in the classrooms and offices, resource spaces and multi-purpose rooms.

“We are fortunate that we now have additional rooms and storage space that we didn't have in the past. Now the big task ahead is to find a home for everything that has accumulated over 30 years.”

Thankful for the help from everyone over the last week, Julie continued: “We are hugely grateful to Swift Shift Removals, who did an incredible job with enthusiasm and patience, going the extra mile to ensure everything was moved with care.

“We have also seen the arrival of new furniture including pupil desks, chairs, teachers' desks, chairs, bookcases and more classroom storage (you can never have too much storage in a school!)

“Even though the move is an immense undertaking, there have been so many happy, smiling faces around the school. Thank you for all the well wishes and messages we have received."

Next week will see the delivery of some new office furniture and an opportunity to continue with the unpacking that has just begun!


𝗟𝗕: We wish the Julie and the staff every success as they make a new home for the Braidside IPS family. Enjoy your weekend off and make sure to put the feet up for a well-earned rest. ♥️

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