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Mild and wet turning to cold with a chance of snow

Rain and strong winds will once again sweep across the UK overnight on Friday and through Saturday with a yellow weather warning in place in Norhern Ireland from 14:00 on Saturday 14th, to 03:00 on Sunday 15th January.

Westerly winds will increase across the province during Saturday afternoon and evening, with gusts of 45-50 mph widely and 55-60 mph in the north, with the chance of a few gusts of 65 mph near the north coast.

In addition, showers will become heavy and persistent, particularly in the north and east, with 20-30 mm of rain falling in 3-6 hours, most likely through the evening, with high ground in the northeast possibly seeing 40-50 mm.

Chief Meteorologist, Andy Page, said:

“After what has already been a wet start to January, further wet and windy conditions will move across the UK this weekend. With the ground already saturated in parts of the UK this additional rainfall could bring disruption, particularly in the west. Check online to for the latest flood warnings in your area.”

Turning colder

As the area of low pressure moves away into the North Sea, it starts to pull down a cooler pool of air with a northerly flow developing in the north of the UK through Saturday evening.

By Sunday most of the UK will be in the northerly airflow, with lower temperatures spreading further south overnight. Showers will fall increasingly as sleet and snow in the north, even to lower levels.

Overnight frost will become more widespread by Monday night, with overnight temperatures below 0°C across much of the UK.

Temperatures could get down to -10°C in sheltered glens, or across high ground areas of Scotland where there is lying snow.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Helen Caughey, said:

“After a spell of wet and mild weather to start 2023, a brief cold spell will change the feel of our weather across the UK for a few days next week. As a northerly flow establishes, we’ll see temperatures decline with overnight frosts returning and the chance of wintry showers in the north. It will certainly feel cold in all regions too, with the northerly winds creating a notable windchill.”

The colder spell is expected to be short lived, with milder air moving in from the Atlantic bringing wet and windy conditions back to the UK towards the end of the week.

There is a chance of some transient snow on the leading edge of the frontal rain as it moves through however the detail on this is currently uncertain.


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