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Upcoming ‘shift’ in Northern Ireland’s booster vaccination programme

‘Don’t miss out on getting your booster at one of NI’s mass vaccination centres’ - that’s the advice to the public, as the next phase of the booster roll-out takes shape.

This will involve a scaling back at some mass vaccination centres, as resources are shifted to localised and mobile clinics.

It will mean an increased overall number of clinics on the ground, complementing the ongoing work of GPs and pharmacies in rolling out the boosters. First and second doses will continue to be widely available, as well as boosters.

Vaccination programme head Patricia Donnelly said:

“The Trust vaccination centres are very convenient for many people and are generally open seven days a week for most of the day. They have played an absolutely vital role in getting jabs in arms. They work best as high volume hubs, when demand is at its peak.

“If these big centres suit you best, now is the best time to go - either for a walk-in jab or by making an appointment.

“The centres still have a role, but it will be scaled back in a number of locations, as we spread capacity out more widely across Northern Ireland. That will include reduced opening hours and days of operation in some of the big centres.

“Experience tells us that localised clinics are very effective at reaching people who do not come forward straightaway. Trusts are therefore starting to shift resources towards local and mobile clinics. These will include locations where take-up for boosters has been lower, and also in high footfall settings such as shopping centres. While there will be more clinics, they will generally only be available at a particular location for a limited period of time.

“Localised clinics are also very important in reaching people with accessibility issues and helping to provide equal access to boosters.

“If you want to get your booster at a big centre which currently has plenty of available capacity, don’t delay any further.”

Full details of the very latest Trust vaccination clinics are available from Trust websites and social media channels.

To get instant information on Trust and pharmacy vaccination clinics closest to you, type in your postcode or town at this online location search:


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