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‘I’LL MISS’ | A poem by Audrey McDowell Johnston

As Lockdown seems to be coming to an end, Audrey penned this poem as a few lines on what she might miss from these past few weeks. ♥️

I'll miss that each day I could go for a walk

And not have to rush, no need for a clock!

I'll miss how loudly the birds seemed to sing,

I'll miss not having my work alarm ring!

I'll miss how we all for each other did care,

How lovely to see those kinds acts that were shared.

I'll miss how that all jobs were equal,

The importance of all types of people.

And how I will miss that time seemed to stand still,

And we had more time to relax and just "chill,"

And how I will miss, on those warm Thursday nights,

How we'd clap and applaud those engaged in the fight.

I'll miss how I waved at the binmen each week,

And said "thanks" to the Postman as he walked down our street.

I'll miss how the earth took a rest, and did mend,

And how neighbours, unknown up till now, became friends!

They say the "new normal" is already here,

And I'm pleased, and I'm thankful, but still have some fear;

For I worry that all we together have gained

May be lost, disappear, it may not remain.

So how can we cling to the good that's been done?

Let's remember to love and respect everyone,

And take time each day just to sit, and be still,

And ponder the lessons these times our lives filled.

🖊 Audrey McDowell Johnston