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Housing Executive rent levels set to rise for 2024/25

Housing Executive Offices

In response to the Housing Executive’s annual request for a rent increase, the Department for Communities has confirmed that from 1 April 2024,

Housing Executive rents will increase by 7.7%.

Rent pays for the housing services provided by the Housing Executive. The Department for Communities is reminding tenants that it's rent increase will provide funding for essential maintenance, improvements and investment while also keeping the rent affordable.

Tenant affordability was once again the Department’s key consideration. 79% of Housing Executive tenants are currently in receipt of housing assistance. These tenants will be protected from the impact of the rent increase.

For the other 21% of tenants (not in receipt of any housing assistance), the impact of the increase was modelled across a range of household scenarios all of which demonstrated its affordability.

The Housing Executive is offering support to tenants through its Financial Inclusion Team which helps tenants by providing advice on benefits, budgeting and signposting to a range of sources of financial support.

Housing Executive rent levels are considered every year by taking into account a wide range of factors, including: inflation; projected running costs; spending requirements and affordability.

The increase equates to an average additional £5.72 per week, increasing the average weekly rent for tenants from £74.24 to £79.96. 78.8% of Housing Executive tenants have assistance paying rent through Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or welfare reform mitigation measures. 


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