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Outrage after guinea pigs left to die in a ditch at County Down roadside

Northern Ireland animal welfare charity, the USPCA, has shared its outrage following the discovery of two guinea pigs, abandoned in a ditch in the Damolly Road area of Newry, Counity Down today (Friday 17 December).

The guinea pigs were found by a member of the public whilst out walking his dog and were immediately brought to the attention of the USPCA.

Discarded in a ‘Bag for Life’, they were in a horrific state of neglect and in severe pain.

Colleen Tinnelly, USPCA Development Manager, said:

“At this point, we are beyond words – we are absolutely appalled that someone left these poor animals suffering. They were essentially left to die at the roadside.

“We condemn the actions of the individual responsible – the animals had clearly been neglected for a long time, displaying severe skin infections and serious pain. To then leave them to fend for themselves is outrageous.

“Time and time again, we are unfortunately reminded of the fact that there are cruel, heartless individuals out there who do not care for the welfare of their animals.

“We plea with the public to always do their research before getting a pet – be that a dog, cat, or indeed a guinea pig. Each and every animal has its own set of intricate needs and unless you are able to meet these fully and give the animal the best life possible, do not even consider getting a pet.

“Following examination from our veterinary team, the two guinea pigs unfortunately had to be relieved of their suffering.

“All of this could have been avoided, if their owner had carefully looked after them in the first instance – we are absolutely horrified. Thank you to the member of the public for bringing them into our care, rather than leaving them to a prolonged, horrible death at the side of the road.”


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