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VIDEO | New breed of dog friendly at the Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast

The Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast is well known for its excellent service, luxurious style, and unique approach to hospitality. However, the latest news from the hotel is sure to set tails wagging as they are now dog friendly.

Cian Landers, General Manager of the Fitzwilliam Hotel, said:

“We’ve always been known as the friendliest five-star hotel in Belfast, and we are delighted to extend that welcome to dogs, as well as people.

“The last 21 months have given us time to ‘paws’ for thought and reflect on the needs of our customers. Dogs have always been a big part of the family, now more than ever as we’ve grown so attached to them during lockdown. It’s very natural to consider that we should take them with us to enjoy a five-star experience as after all, our dogs love an adventure just as much as we do!”

The hotel is expecting the news to be ‘paw’pular as it was announced earlier this year that a total of *3.2 million households in the UK acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic.

The cost per night to bring your dog to the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast, is a £30 and this includes a water bowl, doggie welcome treat, small toy, and cleaning fee. Visit:

For more information and to see how Roxy’s stay went, check out the video below.


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