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Female (26) arrested after elderly lady in her 90’s robbed in Belfast

Police have made an arrest following the report of the robbery of a woman in her 90s in Belfast City Centre.

Inspector Greg Dawson said:

“This was a report of a particularly callous robbery of an elderly woman in our city centre during daylight hours.

“This lady, who is aged in her 90s, had been in the Castle Lane area which was bustling with customers to its shops and cafes. But at around 4pm on Thursday (10th March), we received a report that she had become the victim of a frightening robbery.

“This lady was reportedly knocked to the ground by another woman and her handbag, which contained a sum of cash, stolen. The suspect then ran off with the stolen bag.

"Members of the public who had witnessed the incident stopped and offered kindness to the pensioner who was understandably left shaken by this ordeal. Police and emergency services attended and she was taken to hospital where she continues to receive treatment for her injuries."

Following police enquiries, a 26-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of robbery. She remains in custody at this time.


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