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Everyone invited to series of talks offering hope and ‘Light in the Darkness’

Harryville Presbyterian Church, Ballymena

Kicking off a new year can be an exciting time for most, but it can also feel like a challenging time for many - especially for those in our community who have lost loved ones and know the pain of grief, or those who struggle with anxious thoughts, or depression.

Ill-mental health is something which impacts nearly everyone as some point in life.

Rev Eddie Chestnutt and the family at Harryville Presbyterian Church are extending a warm invitation to everyone, near and far, to come along and hear a special three-part series of talks which offer hope and encouragement - a light in the darkness.

Rev Eddie Chestnutt, Harryville Presbyterian Church, Ballymena

Rev Eddie Chestnutt

Talking to Love Ballymena, Eddie said:

"Grief, depression and anxiety are problems we all struggle with.  If we don't struggle with them ourselves, we will know someone else who does. 

"As a loving Church Family, we want people to know they are not on their own. We want to encourage and support our community and that is why we are providing this opportunity for people to listen to three experienced medical professionals speak on these issues."


The first talk is set to take place tomorrow evening, Wednesday 10th January at 8:00pm with Dr Andrew Collins who will be speaking on grief.

Andrew Collins has spent many years working as a consultant psychiatrist. He tutors on the Biblical Counselling in Belfast and in collaboration with others, is responsible for taking the lead in developing the course and other advanced skills training.


The second talk by Dr Tim Huey will focus on depression. The talk will take place the following Wednesday evening, 17th January, at 8pm.

Tim has worked for many years as a GP. He also is involved in part-time work providing biblical counselling. He is married with four children and is an elder at Whiteabbey Presbyterian Church. Tim tutors on the Biblical Counselling UK Certificate Course in Belfast.


The final talk in the series will take place on Wednesday 24th January at 8pm, when Dr Ken Yeow will speak about anxiety.

Ken is a consultant psychiatrist, specialising in the field of intellectual disability. He has a particular interest in the interface between Christianity and mental health. He is the author of Personal Freedom: How the Gospel Can Be Good for your Mental Health.

The talks will be held in Harryville Presbyterian Church, Casement Street, Ballymena, and are completely free of charge.

Stay behind afterwards to enjoy a chat with a cup of tea or coffee!


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