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Respect people who are delivering public services – Nichola Mallon

Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has reminded the public to respect people who are delivering public services or risk getting a criminal record.

This follows a recent incident when a Traffic Attendant was on a routine patrol in Belfast and was the subject of verbal and physical abuse. The incident was witnessed by plain clothed Police Officers who arrested the culprit close to the scene and provided evidence for the subsequent court case.

The man was found guilty and was given a nine month suspended sentence.

Minister Mallon said:

“The people delivering our public services are working on our behalf to make our society a better place for everyone.

"Traffic Attendants and my own Department’s officials are employed to keep our roads and streets safe and clear for all road users. In doing so they deserve courtesy and respect. They should not be abused in any way, verbally or physically as they do their job.

"We have a zero tolerance policy towards anyone who does not afford them that simple courtesy and will pursue cases through the courts, where this is possible.

"As our towns and cities prepare to open up as we come out of lockdown, I want to remind people of the important role that Traffic Attendants and others continue to play. I ask everyone to support and co-operate with them in their daily job and in doing so you will make travelling and parking much easier for all road-users.”