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Energy package scant on detail – Murphy

Finance Minister, Conor Murphy has said today’s announcement by the Westminster government does not provide the support that citizens and businesses here need.

Commenting following the announcement, Minister Murphy said:

“A limit on energy bills for households and businesses is welcome.  However, this doesn’t go far enough given the huge increase in energy costs in the last year.

“70% of households who use home heating oil will find the news that they will get a mere £100 of support for their fuel bills this winter insufficient. 

“It is disappointing there has been no update on when households here can expect to receive their £400 Energy Bill Support Scheme payment.”

Expressing frustration at the lack of detail for businesses, Minister Murphy added:

“Today’s announcement provides no clarity for businesses. The promise of equivalent support without the underpinning detail does nothing to reassure businesses.

“Most businesses are anxious about how they will make it through the winter. Businesses need certainty now to enable them to plan and to provide reassurance to their employees.”

Minister Murphy concluded:

“The continued absence of an Executive is continuing to negatively impact on citizens and businesses here receiving support at the same time as those in England, Scotland and Wales.  This is a completely unacceptable position.”


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