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Easter road policing operation sees over 660 motorists detected speeding

Police Causeway Coast and Glens at MOT Centre - outside

A record number of motorists were found to be speeding in the Causeway Coast and Glens during the Police Service of Northern Ireland most recent action on road safety.

Just over 660 motorists were detected driving over the speed limit during the bank holiday weekend - an increase from the previous year and up by 22% from 2022.

This focus was one element of the Police Service’s proactive work to help keep roads safe in one of the busiest areas of Northern Ireland over Easter.

Chief Inspector Sinead McIldowney said:

“The Safety Camera Vans were deployed at various locations across the North Coast and the increase in these detections is a worrying trend. Speeding is one of the Fatal Five, the main reasons why people are killed or seriously injured on our roads. We are doing all we can to keep people safe.”

Police Causeway Coast and Glens at MOT Centre - checking cars

“Roads Policing Interceptors (Sprucefield) were assisting Causeway Coast and Glens Police today with the Easter Car Cruise in Portrush.

Our crews were paying particular attention to vehicles in a dangerous condition.

“Along with officers from Causeway Coast and Glens, we escorted numerous vehicles to Coleraine Vehicle Testing Centre where DVA Enforcement vehicle examiners were on hand to carry out thorough inspections.

“Some of the vehicles examined by DVA Enforcement vehicle examiners were in such dangerous condition that they immediately prohibited from further use until defects are rectified. They will only be allowed to be collected from the test centre by low loader or trailer - some of these vehicles travelled a very long distance to Portrush in this condition.

“We dealt with a variety of offences throughout the day, some by advice and guidance, some by roadside rectification and some by fixed penalty notice. But the vast majority of the vehicles encountered by our crews were well maintained and cared for.”

Police Causeway Coast and Glens at MOT Centre - broken spring

During a vehicle safety operation in conjunction with the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA), seven vehicles were issued with an immediate prohibition. This means that the vehicle is not roadworthy, was not permitted to continue on the road and the drivers received fixed penalty notice or face prosecution in court. A total of 78 fixed penalty notices were also issued for various motoring offences.

“While the majority of people living or visiting the coast enjoyed a fun and safe weekend, there were some incidents. Over the course of the weekend, there were two arrests for public order offences, five Community Resolution Notices were issued and one penalty notice for disorder," Chief Inspector McIldowney said.

Police Causeway Coast and Glens at MOT Centre

“Two people were arrested on suspicion of being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle and one uninsured vehicle was seized.

“As always we are grateful for the support of residents, businesses and visitors during these peak times for our area. I would also like to thank the local council, Translink, the DVA and our colleague in the Ambulance and Fire Service for all their assistance over the Easter weekend.

“Good engagement from our officers with the visitors, residents, and local businesses ensured that people were happy, reassured, and free to enjoy the day safely.”


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